A single day is not enough to remember


The one of the missing children is a plague we talk about little, too little, but much more widespread than you can imagine.

Children torn from the arms of their parents, in most cases to be inserted into criminal networks that abuse of them totally: child prostitution, pedophilia, organ trafficking, recruitment of child soldiers. Often they are children who live in contexts of poverty because where there is misery there is no fertile ground, only prostitution and women exploited as surrogate mothers whose children are found to be the object of a ruthless market.

Children, ages 5 up, travelling with a rifle in their hands, frightened when they are picked up and immediately transformed into ruthless warriors, girls chosen to become prostitutes for Western customers, small creatures sold in pieces at the market for rituals since born albino.

Many, too many innocent victims who find no justice in the silence of a world focused only on ephemeral personal pleasure.


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