International adoptions: Martino and Mario, brothers beyond the blood tie

Steadfast Onlus is about to start with the planning for international adoptions and, in this context, we made an excellent partnership with AiBi Amici dei Bambini (Friends of Children). We are proud of this project and we do want to share some international adoption stories that we have come to know and that have ended successfully.

Today we tell you about Martino, 13 and a half and Mario, 7 and a half, who arrived in their family from China, six years and a year ago, respectively.

These two children teach us that a brotherhood relationship can grow and be special although without a blood tie because, with a similar past (really, you don’t know your mum either? The younger asks to the older), they can find the strength to help and support each other.

This was understood by mum Lucia and dad Marco who, while telling the difficulties in obtaining the eligibility for the second adoption and the pain of detachment from the foster family Mario had lived for 5 years with, would not go back: “When you talk about a second adoption, there are those who see the risky aspects instead of the possibility of multiplying the availability to welcome. Yet we are witnessesing to the opposite.”

As for all the firstborn, also for Martino at the beginning there was some difficulty in accepting the new arrival, but all of them were an opportunity for growth, say the parents: “For both brothers today all communications have been simplified and they are not afraid to talk about them and their past, even in our presence.

Sharing suffering and doubts at home helps everyone.”

At home Martino and Mario get along despite having such different characters: Martino, introverted, now smiles more and Mario, extroverted, who knows and speaks with everyone, has now calmed down.
“They sleep together in the same room, and when they go to bed they sing.”


Emmanuele Di Leo


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