An entire activity around a tantrum

“‘Welcome to the “Desire for a child’. Unique event in France on 5 and 6 September 2020, where you will find, gathered in one place, specialists, advice, products, reliable information and support to help you find or expand your family. “

This is the warm invitation to the fair that will be held in Paris and which will be attended by large fertility and surrogacy giants, such as Feskov, a Ukrainian company, and California Fertility Partners, an American one.
Feskov, on its website, is proud to offer excellent value for money, a slogan that until now we thought it was obvious to associate with a bag or a pair of shoes, and guarantee the birth of a 100% healthy baby, through the pre-implantation selection.

On the website of other partner companies of the fair, you can even choose the ethnic group, hair and eye colour of sperm donors or surrogate mothers.

I mean, do you want a baby? Your desire becomes right and the child’s rights disappears and it becomes a commodity; as such, it should be perfect, no dents, although the return policy will allow you to return it to the sender and request for a refund. For this reason, the companies involved will strive to guarantee 100% perfection, avoiding placing defective “goods” on the market.

The human being who most of all must be guarded, cared for, respected in his rights to live and be with his biological parents, turns instead into a commodity around which, as it is normal, a business of immense proportion is being created; so much that it is even run in a fair.


Emmanuele Di Leo


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