Surrogacy on italian state tv

By Emmanuele Di Leo


In Italy, renting a womb is a crime, also punished with imprisonment, according to Article 12 of Law 40 and a recent rulings of the Constitutional and Supreme Court that have firmly confirmed that.

In the Italian State TV “RAI” it will shortly be released a propaganda film titled “Tutti Insieme” in which the Italian director and screenwriter Marco Simon Puccioni tells about his and his partner’s parental experience regarding the birth of “their” twins in America.

If we add to all this that the film is produced by Rai Cinema, state TV, with the money of all taxpayers, the story is shameful to say the least.

In the long trailer of the film, the director wants to offer a positive picture of the practice of rented womb, forgetting the suffering of many slave women who lend their wombs, living in poverty in third world countries and exploited as meat incubators. We forget the terrible fact that #surrogacy always tears a child away from his biological mother and makes him the subject of real commercial contracts with quality assurance and withdrawal clauses of the “product” if it does not comply through eugenic abortion or abandonment.

We find it unworthy of RAI to lower itself to promoting these films and making them affordable for everyone.
This method is now known: through a “story”, often full of sentimentality and emotionality, the aim is to make “acceptable” what is not and will never be.

It is the same “modus operandi” also used for other themes that the propaganda of politically correct and unlimited rights has undertaken since ancient times, for example with #euthanasia for which, one example among many, is the film “You before me “(Theme very similar to the first propaganda film on this theme” I accuse “, produced by the Nazi regime in 1941) winner of an award given by the (American) teenagers to whom this type of marketing is increasingly addressed.


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