Latest updates on children commissioned through surrogacy in Kiev


At least six Italian babies are now parked in the lobby of the Hotel Venezia in Kiev.
Like the goods stored in a warehouse, they are left to wait to be collected.

We want to recall that the use of Surrogacy is prohibited in most civilized countries and that has been literally defined by the Special Representative of the United Nations as “sale of children” (Report 2018).

In Italy the practice is prohibited by Law 40 and the public registration of the clients as parents could represent a false in public deed as established in 2018 by the Cassation, reunited with united sections, in which the judges reaffirmed the child’s right to know the truth about his own origins.

SteadfastOnlus hope that the Italian government will not follow the Spain’s footsteps. Securing a state plane to import thise children would be a serious violation of Italian laws, made at taxpayers expenses.

Emmanuele Di Leo

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