Slaughter in Nigeria as 59 victims of the terrorist fury


Steadfast is worried about the instability of the Nigerian territories and the increasingly pressing presence of enhanced and organised terrorism.

Emmanuele Di Leo: “The growth and fusion of various terrorist groups under a single flag is clear: that of IS. Governments take this factor too lightly. On one there is Europe that thanks to too soft policies put our borders at risk and on the other hand, these armed groups, in addition to succeeding in obtaining large sums of funding, organise themselves more and more by joining their forces under a single objective. Again, in Nigeria a massacre took place and today, 59 people in Felo, in a  village in the state of Borno, have lost their lives. The act was carried out by terrorists from Boko Haram, or rather new IS fighters, who increasingly manage the trades and operations in Nigerian territory. The village of Faduma Koloram, killing and stealing 1,200 cattle and camels.”

“It’s a terrible day,” CJTF fighter Kachallah Bumu told the press, “they took us in the dark and killed our people.”

“If a serious and in-depth focus on the developments of these terrorist groups does not open,” Di Leo continues, “the countries that suffer from the violence and attacks will be increasingly disorganised in carrying out serious and effective repression. Furthermore, if the West does not take seriously this strategic enhancement, it will be the next helpless victim of their actions”.


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